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Brian Crook
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Brian Crook Great Style, Fab Lyrics, mystical vocals, some great Arrangement ideas, huge potential for future work Favorite track: Mine.
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released December 14, 2012



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Ellie Rose Rusbridge UK

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Track Name: Trick
Far too clever and over prepared
I made is easy but I was quite lonely.
Careful always to show you I care,
Never hurt you, never tell the truth.... 'till now I do.

I have learned things, I'd rather forget
Over and over again i neglect
So do not love me; I cannot love you
I appear warm but i'm fighting with you

I never meant to hurt you love; I tried to give it all
I blame your arms, they pushed me hard: I never had to fall...
Track Name: Mine
We went to blackness and back
So many tears, and panic attacks
Hands once steady, too shaky to crash out a song just for you

See you around
When I see you around
When we and our bodies aren't ours;
When us and our loving aren’t ours;
Just a few more hours, 'till i'm mine

We meant to love eachother,
But you never understand, and I'm falling for another;

Swallow me ground
Swallow me ground
When we and our bodies aren't ours
Us and our loving not ours
Just a few more hours, 'till i'm mine
Track Name: Redhead
Redhead, I remember when you slept here and kept me alive,
With our hands held and our eyes closed,
Runny nose; the iciest night

You’re never be old, the iciest night,
You kept out the cold, holding me tight, holding me tight.

Wake up, it is morning, they are talking and telling me why
Why you left us, ‘cos you felt none,
Though you looked for some; they say you tried

They say you tried but you were unwell,
Always a fight until down you fell, down you fell

You fell ‘cos you were deaf to them
They called at your house but you were never in
Didn’t you hear them shouting loud?
Your red hair ablaze as you threw yourself down.
Well, tell me, can you hear this song?
I want to talk even though you are gone.

Redhead, I’ve been so scared that the talking and shouting will stop;
That I’ll freeze here and fall dumb there
That I won’t speak and then I’ll go ‘pop’

Was that your way? Your head full of stuff?
Because nobody came to open you up, open you up

My lover made a little hole
Under my heart so the past can flow
And I told things I never tell
And I have a feeling that all will be well
Track Name: Fight
Noise in my night
Ring into my sleep
Seeking an ear that’s yours to keep
Your chest is heaving
You’re walking fast from the scene your face is bleeding
red stains your smear with your sleeves

You went out looking for a fight
Your limbs your muscles so inspired by night
Morning came and you want to be held so tight
I got it all before I left that house
You went up north you left hate down south

I lie and listen
Reply with what I’ve written
And said a thousand times before still you want more
So I will soothe you; my words young
But your world’s black and blue
And my battle is won

You never feel right; you feel wrong
I know where you came from but where do you belong?